To Assist Individuals With Special Needs In Reaching Their Full Potential With Interactions With Horses.

Ozarks Freedom To Soar, Therapeutic Riding, A SpiritHorse Center, is a 501(c)(3), non-profit charitable organization, that is part of SpiritHorse International in Corinth, Texas.


In 2011, SpiritHorse International certified Ozarks Freedom To Soar as one of 33 (at the time), now 80 centers worldwide to earn classification as a Licensed SpiritHorse Center.  In order to be licensed by SpiritHorse, a therapeutic riding center must meet several requirements: personnel must be trained and certified as equine-assisted healthcare instructiors by SpiritHorse, Texas; SpiritHorse methods and curriculums must be followed exactly; and SpiritHorse standards must be met. 

Charles Fletcher, Founder, started SpiritHorse at the retired age of 62 and guides the organization on two founding principals:


    1) Love the children, and

    2) Make every decision in favor of the child, not the center.

The SpiritHorse curriculum:

  • provides one-on-one lessons
  • utilizes specific methods developed by SpiritHorse for each disability.

A study by leading medical school showed that 24 "severely autistic" children moved to "mild autism" and one to "non-autistic" in just six months of intervention with SpiritHorse International's research-based, award-winning methods.

SpiritHorse therapeutic riding's benefits can be realized by those with a broad range of conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • cerebral palsy
  • stroke
  • developmental delays
  • down syndrome
  • learning/language disabilities
  • mulitple sclerosis
  • autism
  • attention deficit disorders
  • traumatic brain injury

We believe horses and ponies have the most accessible spirit of almost any creature and the vast majority have very beautiful spirits.  They have one advantage over humans in that they do not have an ego to get in the way of their relationships.  We also believe that children with disabilities have very accessible and beautiful spirits.  We believe that this spiritual connection is what makes this intervention work.  Our horses and ponies always greet the children who lead them from wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.  They are so happy to see their riders.